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You can reach the Hotel Le Saint-Paul in Nice by public transportation either from the Nice Airport, Nice Train Station or downtown Nice.


Nice Airport


SNCF Nice Train Station


Lignes_d_azur.pngBus and tram in Nice



By Bus:

Bus line n°38, direction Gustavin/Parc Vigier, stops at "La Réserve", 2 mn walk; or stops at "Villa La Côte", 4 mn walk.

Bus line n°30, stops at "Le Président", 16-18 mn walk.

Bus line n°15, stops at "Le Président", 16-18 mn walk.

By Tramway:

Tramway line 2 stops at the Nice harbour "Port Lympia", 4 mn walk.

By car: 

Highway A8: Exit 50 Promenade des Anglais, direction Le Port.

Highway A8: Exit 55 Nice Est, direction Le Port.



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