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Armijos Jairo On the effects of UV photons/X-rays on the chemistry of Sgr B2
Barcos-Munoz Loreto Line emission and absorption in the Arp 220 nuclei at 40 pc resolution with ALMA
Benedettini Milena The Forgotten Quadrant Survey
Bonfand Mélisse The complex chemistry of young high-mass star forming regions
Bordiu Cristobal / Ricardo Rizzo Molecules as mass-loss tracers in evolved massive sources
Bron Emeric The dynamics of photodissociation regions (PDR): from CO ladders observations to photoevaporating PDR models.
Brouillet Nathalie Characterisation of the best high-mass prestellar core candidate found so far
Cao Yixian The EDGE-CALIFA Survey: Spatially Resolved 13CO and Variations of 12CO/13CO in Nearby Galaxies
Chacon-Tanarro Ana pc-scale CO depletion in an Infrared Dark Cloud
Cunningham Nichol Characterising Jets and Outflows towards High Mass Star Forming Regions with NOEMA
Den Brok Jakob Insights from the IRAM 30m Telescope M51 Large Program
Fuller Gary Tracing Evolution in Massive Protostellar Objects (TEMPO): The Chemical Evolution of Massive Protostars
G. Santa-Maria Miriam Widespread CH+   J=1-0 emission in OMC-1
García Pablo The [C/N] abundance ratio traced by [CII] 158 µm & [NII] 205 µm observations towards the Arched-Filaments at the GC.
García Pablo A Multi-Species Multi-Wavelength View of the Sgr A Complex
Gérin Maryvonne The Origins Space Telescope
Gieser Caroline Chemical complexity in high-mass star-forming regions

Guillemin Jean-Claude

Gullberg Bitten

How to choose new candidates for the Interstellar Medium?

High resolution ALMA imaging of SMGs

Harris Andrew Spatially resolved images of the Galactic center's Central Molecular Zone as models for understanding galactic nuclei
Holguin Francisco Impact of cosmic rays on observational signatures in the circumgalactic medium
Israel Frank Carbon budgets and X-factors in galaxy centers
Kaasinen Melanie Comparing Molecular Gas Tracers at z~2: Do CO and dust continuum observations yield the same inferred properties?
Karska Agata Star forming regions in the Outer Galaxy: the role of environment on star formation
Kavak Umit Breaking the bubble: [CII] observations of the Orion Veil
Kramer Carsten Gas and dust cooling along the major axis of M33
Lepine Jacques The LLAMA radio telescope
Muller Sebastien Physical/chemical conditions in the z=0.89 absorber toward PKS1830-211
Munoz-Elgueta Nahir Unveiling the link between halo gas and molecular reservoirs around z ~ 3 QSOs with APEX
Olsen Karen ISM pressure from Herschel spectroscopy in the light of galaxy simulations
Peng Bo Diagnosing Nitrogen-to-Oxygen abundance ratio with FIR lines
Pensabene Antonio Unveiling the multiphase ISM of z>6 quasar host galaxies with ALMA
Ramos Andres Understanding the [CII] 158 um line deficit in star-forming galaxies using EAGLE and Cloudy

Rico-Villas Fernando

Rizzo J. Ricardo

HC3N vibrationally excited emission as a tracer of nuclear activity in NGC1068

A multi-band survey of SiO maser emission from oxygen-rich stars

Rodríguez Baras Marina Galactic molecular clouds as templates for extragalactic research: lessons from GEMS
Ruiz Dary A Chemical and Physical Approach to Disk Evolution.
Rybak Matus A 200-pc resolution mapping of molecular gas properties in a redshift-3 starbust
Rybarczyk Daniel ALMA-SPONGE: The Role of Neutral Hydrogen in Diffuse Interstellar Chemistry
Salii Svetlana Methanol Emission at 0.8 mm in Star-Forming Regions
Salomé Philippe Artemix / Yafits - A remote cube / image viewer for data mining
Salvestrini Francesco Unveiling the AGN impact on the ISM in local Seyfert 2 galaxies
Sanchez Maria Spatially resolved Star Formation relations of dense molecular gas in NGC 1068
Schneider Nicola The SOFIA legacy program FEEDBACK
Stanimirovic Snezana Tracing stellar feedback at low metallicity: the diverse stories of the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds
Tsai Anli CO Observations on Galactic Outflows in Starbrust Galaxy NGC3628
Wang Yuan Giant Molecular Filaments studied in different gas tracers
Zinchenko Igor A Survey of High-Mass Star-Forming Regions in the Lines of Deuterated Molecules
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