Invited speakers

Confirmed invited speakers (18.11.2019):

Molecular gas in high-z universe

    Reinhard GENZEL, MPE, Garching, Germany
    Guilaine LAGACHE, LAM, Marseille, France
    Dominik A. RIECHERS, Cornell University, USA

Molecular gas in local universe

    Françoise COMBES, LERMA, Paris, France
    Serena VITI, UCL, London, United Kingdom
Milky Way star formation

    Patrick HENNEBELLE, CEA, Saclay, France
    Satoshi YAMAMOTO, University of Tokyo, Japan    
    Sylvie CABRIT, LERMA, Paris, France

Astro-chemistry on all scales

    Javier GOICOECHEA, IFF-CSIC, Madrid, Spain    
    Paola CASELLI, MPE, Garching, Germany
    Ana LOPEZ SEPULCRE, IRAM / IPAG, Grenoble, France
Evolved  Stars & Cycle of ISM

    Marcelino AGUNDEZ, IFF-CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Circumstellar Disks

    Edwin BERGIN, Michigan University, USA
    Anne DUTREY, LAB, Bordeaux, France

Models of molecule formation in the ISM
    Amiel STERNBERG, Tel Aviv University, Israel

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